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New era nourishes new dreams with innovative vision. With an objective of developing innovative vision and exploring local issues of global concern, we planted a sapling, Innovative Vision (formerly known as Krishna Consultancy) at the dawn of new era that was in July 2004. After a rigorous effort of 14 long years, Innovative Vision has established itself as a leading consultancy firm working in communication and development sector of Nepal. During its over-a-decade-long journey, Innovative Vision has successfully produced and broadcast around 300 video documentaries, hundreds of radio bulletins, television commercials (TVCs), Advertisements (Ads), Jingles (Radio/Video), Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Apart from that, Innovative Vision also conducted street-dramas, workshops, trainings and seminars in different sectors of development. Additionally, it has also formulated dozens of management plans, action plans, strategic plans, and conducted feasibility studies.
Some of the documentaries/TV commercials produced by our innovative vision can be viewed at YouTube- Drutakhabar Television Nepal. It gives me immense pleasure to tell that we have come a long way in standing out as one of the competent and innovative communication organizations of Nepal and proving services within the country and beyond its border. Our team members have explored different geographic locations of Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, German and Czech Republic. Innovative Vision has already achieved a remarkable success that makes me confident that the team will be able to cope with the new challenges. With our refined expertise backed by years of experience, I am even more confident of producing excellent works and expanding our reach in the days ahead. To put it into perspective, our company has just entered its teenage with a big dream, and we wish to grow with our clients with firm determination and relentless efforts. Our team has always been motivated by the objective to provide quality services and outstanding satisfaction to our clients. Though competition is not our guiding principle, we continuously strive to reform our work and enhance the quality of our work. Innovative Vision will definitely be known as an international and integrated service provider with a multi-disciplinary approach, connecting people from across the globe. As we have proved our excellence through 14 years of service, we express our commitment to maintain our reputation in the days to come.
Krishna Prasad Sigdel,

Email:[email protected]


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