Innovative Vision Pvt. Ltd.(formerly known as Krishna Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (KCPL)) was set up and registered under the Company Act of the Government of Nepal on 27th July, 2004 (2061-4-12 BS) under the company Act of the Government of Nepal. Social transformation through development Communication is a prime motto of this organization. Since its establishment, it has produced and broadcasted hundreds of video documentaries, radio programs, IEC materials, radio jingles, TV spots, and. It has gained an experience of working at different physiographic locations of Nepal and in South Asian countries, Dubai and Europe.
Innovative Vision since its inception in 2004 has been selective in undertaking Consultancy assignments to provide the quality outputs to our valued clients. We believe in team approach in accomplishing any assignments it takes. Accordingly, for any assignments it undertakes, Innovative Vision carefully selects dedicated and competent professionals. Apart from this it has full time Managing Director, who advises the team, and supervises the work to produce quality outputs.

Our Apporach
Sustainable change can be achieved through a communication of the real issues faced by the organization, community or the country as a whole. Consultation by collaborating with our clients with the motto "Working together for change". Raising people’s awareness brings a sustainable change.

We have set a mission of establishing this organization as one of the most reliable organizations in the area of developing innovative visions by exploring local issues of global concern. 
  • Our teamwork, knowledge and experiences, will be focused on informing and inspiring people, while setting forth our client’s vision and turning it into a powerful story using different tools of communication.
  • We always accord top priority for the satisfaction of our client, making a significant impact on the communities we serve while fulfilling the desired objective of clients.

Vision: Innovation at Work
  • As our past works give some perspectives about our originality and vision, we introduce ourselves as a team striving to offer a creative solution to our client’s concept and put it in an innovative way.
  • Our team has been working scrupulously to fulfil its mission, vision, and adhering to a strict organizational code of conduct and our values.
  • Satisfaction of our client is OUR priority. We seek to understand the unique needs of each client, offering a customized solution using highly motivated and innovative team at a reasonable cost. 
Core Values
  • Provide the highest quality of services to our clients in a creative way.
  • Foster and protect an employee-focused, community-respected culture, led by good corporate citizens.
Global Exposure of Team from Innovative Vision
  • Innovative Vision has the pride of leaving marks of its presence in as many as 18 countries: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Dubai, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, German, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France.


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